Janub is a project that aims to reflect the true value of the national products on a regional and international scale and to popularize Jordanian Cuisine and’s known presently as Janub which that would be approachable, easy, and elegant to be used. is famous for its traditional products.

Colors: Neutral colors of black, white and grey with a small touch of one bold yet elegant color such as gold or red. Or a shade of a deep purple color. (refer to the images of the Black Iris, or Al Dahnoon Flower)

The logo is surrounded by elements from Jordanian traditional to reflect the brand as a Jordanian product. To complete the look, bold typlogrphy is shown with illustrations and elements with Janub’s colors.


Branding (Food products packaging)



What We Did

Branding, graphic design, and package design

Elegant Design

Easy Interface

Parallax Scrolling

Mobile Friendly

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